•   Audit
  •   Incident response
  •   Risk management
  •   Security Architecture/Network design
  •   Feasibility studies
  •   Training


  •   Web Development
  •   Mobile application development
  •   Security solutions (integration, customization...)


  •   Data encryption
  •   Network security
  •   Protection solutions
  •   Access management (PKI, SSO, ...)


Data security

Your sensitive information must not be disclosed, lost or modified. We help you keep your data safe and confidential.


Your assets are valuable, our mission is to ensure their confidentiality, integrity and availability.


We pride ourselves on creating high quality products, tested at every stage of the project.

Things we love

We love what we do, and we are passionate about testing and using the best technologies for (y)our projects.

Open source

Because open source is based on values that ensure efficiency and robustness we enjoy participating to and using open-source solutions when it's the best choice for your projects.


We have experience in designing solutions for various environments : web-based, desktop (Linux, Windows) or mobile (Android, iOS) and we like the challenge and opportunity to experience something new.


We love working with various technologies: Ruby-on-Rails, Python, Java, C ... Because they allow us to be more efficient to meet your needs.


We follow proven, flexible development strategies. We can develop a custom solution or adapt an existing one to your needs.


Our team is committed to delivering a solution that meets your expectations.


Valentin Baumont

IT Security consultant

Loïc Bénis

IT Security consultant

Fred André

IT Security consultant

Get in touch

We love to get involved in exciting projects. No matter what size we're happy to talk about a new idea, solution, or application.

  • Lyon, France
  • Email: contact[at]calypt[dot]com